Machine Fires - DVD Safety Training Series

Machine Fires discusses the common causes of machine fires and prevention measures to consider. This DVD covers the following topics:

  • Causes
  • Prevention
  • Maintenance
  • Lesson your risk
  • Hot loads
  • Scenarios


Each safety topic training packet includes:

  • 1 VHS or DVD
  • 10 Employee Booklets
  • 1 Sign-Off Sheet

  • 1 Teacher's Manual
  • 3 Tailgate Updates 

  • 1 Poster

  • Annual subscriptions will also include a 3-Ring Binder with monthly tabs to store your information

The price of shipping is included in the price when shipping to a location within the United States. If you are located outside of the U.S., please contact Nancy Grimshaw at 805-461-6850 or for a shipping price quote.

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Machine Fires - DVD Safety Training Series

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