Annual Safety Training Subscription - DVD Training

The Annual Safety Training Subscription offers you and your crew an easy and comprehensive method of conducting regular safety training.

Your waste facility will receive a year's worth of complete safety training packages on specific, relevant topic. All the materials you need to conduct a safety training with your crew will be included:

Safety Videos
The safety videos include lots of photos and live footage from waste facilities. This relevant information is presented in an informal and conversational style, in keeping with our reputation for practical, nuts-and-bolts training.

Teacher's Manual
The teacher's manual is designed to guide the presenter of the safety meetings through each step. Along with text from the employee's booklet, the teacher's manual includes additional sidebar notes. Within each teacher's manual, you will receive:

  • Sign-Off Sheets

Helps you keep track of who has attended the safety training sessions.


  • Tailgate Updates

You will also receive 3 agendas for conducting weekly tailgate safety meetings. The topics follow the same theme as the monthly videos and will help to reinforce that topic. Sign-off sheets are also included for all of the tailgate meetings.

Student Booklets (10 included)
Every employee who attends the safety session will receive a booklet, which includes graphics and text written in a clear, understandable way. Employees will want to keep the booklets to use for later reference.

Buy safety training videos on-demand.

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Annual Safety Training Subscription - DVD Training

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