Webinar - Dozer Operations: Ripping and Sloping

So, you're in the landfill business – Right. But you're also in the dirt business. Knowing how to effectively handle that dirt will save you time and money. Success in this area goes beyond simply pushing material. It often comes down to understanding the finer points of ripping and sloping.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to utilize a bulldozer for ripping and sloping. Join us as we cover some vital details associated with ripping and sloping:

1. Using Caterpillar’s Seismic velocity charts to match machine/ripper combination based on the type of material being ripped 
2. How to calculate ripping productivity 
3. Tips for optimizing ripper depth, angle and tip orientation. 
4. Pros and cons of using impact rippers 
5. Integrating the addition of moisture before or after ripping 
6. Dismantling an old road or tipping pad 
7. Ripping v. Scarifying

1. Measuring Slope 
a. Slope Meter 
b. Slope Stakes 
c. Brunton, Abney Level, Hand Level or digital level 
2. Sloping while pioneering 
3. Using the corner of the blade 
4. Using a slope board 
5. Side drifting with the dozer 
6. Benefits of an angle blade 
7. Finishing with Dozer …or prepping for Motor Grader


This webinar is 60 minutes.

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Webinar - Dozer Operations: Ripping and Sloping

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