Webinar Pre-Paid Package - 12 Topics

Buy a pre-paid package of 12 webinars for the price of 8, and save more than $605! Choose 12 topics over the course of 18 months, and pay less than $83/webinar (full price webinar registration is $125).

Our monthly webinar training series features presentations on a wide variety of topics relevant to waste facilities, recycling centers, landfills, MRFs, and green/wood waste processing facilities, including safety, design and planning, benchmarking, enhancing operations, and more. Taught by Neal Bolton, a leading waste facility industry expert and president of Blue Ridge Services, these online webinars include:

  • Live 1-hour webinar
  • PDF of PowerPoint slides
  • Video recording of the webinar

Webinars are usually scheduled on a Wednesday at 9 a.m. Pacific Time. Check our website for the most current schedule.

Why Buy a Pre-Paid Package?

The registration fee per monthly webinar is $125, which works out to $1,600 for 12.

But buy the pre-paid package, and pay only $995. That’s less than $83/webinar.

Click here for more information on our webinar program.

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Webinar Pre-Paid Package - 12 Topics

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